Srikanth Adiga

I always found Rajiv Bajaj’s (CEO, Bajaj Auto) interviews very interesting. He is an amazing storyteller, especially about fights with his dad, yoga, homoeopathy, bringing in cultural changes in Bajaj, etc.

After all, he is the only big business CEO who had the guts to publicly opposed demonetization and COVID lockdowns.

This three-part interview gives amazing insights into the man. Out of the three, the below one is the one that left the biggest impact on me.

Being silent and not reacting to situations is a powerful trait. As Gopal Das Gaur says, “when shaken, be like a water bottle, not a cola bottle”.

This is especially important in the days of too much stress & mental health issues.

If you find this interesting, watch the other two parts too.



A must-watch movie for people who love simple & touching stories. It is a story of a six-year-old girl based in Florida living in the “projects.” In the US, “project” is the term used for temporary housing for low-income families.

Her loving mom is a stripper, druggie, prostitute, and careless with parenting.

The movie is light-hearted with amazing acting by all — especially the kid. I have never seen any kid act the way she did—a bit like “Anjali” from the 1990 Indian Tamil movie.



I love sports movies — especially when it celebrates the underdog. This movie has everything right - cast, acting, light-hearted, and an amazing story!

Michael “Eddie” Edwards is a British Olympic ski jumper who came “last” in the 1988 Olympics. While he is not a champion, the movie is all about how determination & attitude is key to success in life.



Here is a running list of good restaurants worth visiting while in North Goa.

Alcove (Anjuna) — Sunset bar

Sunset, drinks, appetizers

Artjuna (Anjuna)

Work, Coffee, Sandwiches, Breakfast, Activities

Bean Me Up (Vagator)

Work, Coffee, Food

Uddo (Siolim) — Sunset bar

Sunset, Drinks

Thalassa (Siolim) ₹₹₹ — Great food